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Mainstream science, especially modern biology, is often based on incorrect models and anti-scientific methods and thinking...and humans, plants and animals have never been “sicker.”

So what makes us sick and how do we heal and live to our fullest potential?

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The New Biology Curriculum, brought to you by renowned doctor, lecturer, and author Dr. Tom Cowan, is dedicated to offering premium online learning opportunities, to practitioners and others, that answer these questions using facts, critical thinking, and adherence to proper scientific methods. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us: M.D.s, natural healers, and other curious minds.

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—  Dr. Tom Cowan

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Just like a sturdy house must be built on a solid foundation, a healthy life or system of medicine must be based on scientifically sound principles. Unfortunately, the sciences of today, especially modern biology, are often based on incorrect models and anti-scientific methods and thinking. 

Mainstream doctors give vaccines and antiviral medications, and endorse quarantines, social distancing, and mask-wearing, based on core misconceptions about viruses and contagion. “Viral” theory is not the only house of cards; concepts such as the “immune system,” membrane-bound receptors and nano-pumps and motors also rest on faulty science.

Tragically, “alternative,” “holistic” or “functional” medicine, while a positive step forward, often cannot lead to the restoration of health. What is needed is not more medicines, herbs, infusions, or other interventions based on flawed concepts, but a new biology, or rather, a reawakening of the old biology. This new biology is grounded in fact, reason, careful observations and, above all, adherence to the real methods and tenets of scientific thinking. 

The New Biology Curriculum is a learning center for inquisitive individuals who seek true healing methodologies. We welcome all healthcare practitioners and others who wish to transform people’s lives by helping them take ownership of their health journeys, through the principles and practices of the New Biology. 

We have lived with the old biology our entire lives.

No single person or group has a complete understanding of how a living organism is organized, functions, or came into being. Understanding these realities will take lifetimes of study. What we can do NOW is shed ourselves of the misconceptions of the old biology and rediscover the principles of healing that have nurtured humanity throughout the ages. Out of this understanding we can build a system for the true restoration of health.

The world of plants, animals, people, and the entire earth is crying out for a New Biology, a new understanding of life. Together, we will explore the details of this new way of seeing the world. This exploration will both challenge and inspire us. After all, what else are we doing in this life but learning, growing, facing challenges, and working together to create a new and better world.

Join us. It will be fun.

Dr. Tom Cowan, founder of the New Biology Curriculum

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