Transform client health outcomes by learning and applying New Biology principles

Presented by Dr. Veronica Tilden, Six Lifestyle Factors for Fertility is an online learning opportunity for couples wishing to regain vibrant health, get pregnant, and have a healthy baby. Dr. Tilden uses traditional hands-on osteopathy and a holistic approach, and is passionate about helping couples get pregnant and have the baby of their dreams.

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The purpose of this course is to help couples achieve vibrant health, get pregnant and have a healthy baby. Dr. Veronica Tilden will teach you the principles she uses in her medical practice to help couples conceive. Learning about the six lifestyle factors for fertility will empower you with the knowledge and tools you need to begin improving your health and fertility. You will have a clear actionable plan that will help guide you on your journey to conception and a healthy baby.

Dr. Tilden is a colleague of Dr. Cowan who understands and appreciates the general principles of the New Biology and has long incorporated these concepts into her medical practice.

“I created this course to teach you the principles I use in my medical practice to help couples conceive, so that you can have vibrant health, get pregnant and have a healthy baby..”
—Dr. Veronica Tilden

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What You Will Learn


Understand Normal Fertility Health

  • Healthy menstrual cycle and sperm facts
  • Tracking your cycles and what they can teach you
  • Timing intercourse to get pregnant



  • Critical nutrient dense foods
  • Why prenatal vitamins are not your best option
  • The lifelong consequences of your poor nutrition to your baby
  • The healthiest fats and proteins and the ones to avoid
  • Know if your drinking water is healthy, and what to do if it is not
  • The Fertility Diet for couples trying to conceive



  • Why natural sunlight is critical
  • How you have been lied to about sun exposure
  • The correct times of day to get light and why
  • Why vitamin D supplements do not substitute for sun
  • The kinds of artificial light that are toxic to you and your fertility
  • Specific actions you can take to avoid harmful light



  • The ways you are constantly being exposed to both chemical and electromagnetic toxins
  • How chemical toxins affect your fertility
  • The top endocrine disrupting chemicals and how to avoid them
  • How marijuana and CBD products affect your fertility
  • Effects of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) on your health and fertility
  • Simple ways to protect yourself from EMF exposures



  • Inadequate and/or poor sleep is surprisingly common
  • How this affects your fertility and many other aspects of your health
  • Tips for making your bedroom a sleep sanctuary (some will surprise you)
  • Actions to take to have good sleep and wake up refreshed



  • Why exercise is important for your fertility
  • An actionable plan (whether you're in shape or not) with specific kinds of exercise to help improve your fertility
  • Important cautions for couples trying to conceive and specific things you should not do


Emotional Health

  • Stress has a profound effect on your fertility and is under-appreciated
  • Key perspectives to help you evaluate and take charge of improving your emotional health
  • Signs of stress to watch for so you can address them early
  • Tips on how to manage stress effectively so it doesn't impact your fertility
  • Benefits of social connections and why you need to make sure to do this
  • Get-happy ideas that work to change your perspective any time

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