Lesson series  |  Healing with The New Biology

Five Topics
of Study

  • Theory of Health and Disease/Virology
  • The Heart
  • Auto-Immunity and Neurology
  • Cancer, Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Therapies and Nutrition
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My hope is that learning the New Biology principles will not only be of practical benefit but will be the learning adventure of a lifetime.
Dr. Tom Cowan

Healing with the New Biology for Practitioners is an online learning opportunity presented by Dr. Tom Cowan, renowned doctor, lecturer, and leading expert in the New Biology and its practical application in natural healing modalities.


What’s included in this online course?

15-Week Course
Led by Dr. Tom Cowan

This is a 15-week course, with a specific start and end date. Participants move through the course in small cohort groups.

Five Main Topics
with required and Bonus Content

The curriculum is organized into five main topics, with a combination of required and bonus course materials under each topic. Participants access most of the materials via their on-line portal (videos, reference materials).

A Selection of
Dr. Cowan’s books

Hard copies of several of Dr. Cowan’s best-selling books are included in the course.* These books are also referenced in the course. *Domestic shipping is included at no additional cost. Additional shipping costs for International addresses will be applied as incurred.

Three-Week Self-Study Period for Each Topic

Each topic self-study period lasts 3 weeks, and participants should review all required materials within this time frame. Optional materials may also be reviewed and, if desired, participants are welcome to study the next topic(s) in advance, at their own pace.

Six Live Group Calls
with Dr. Cowan

At the end of each three-week study period, Dr. Cowan will host a live group call with all cohorts to discuss that topic in depth; a total of 5 live group calls, one for each topic, plus a make-up group call with an open Q&A on any topic.

Live Chat with Cohorts and Office Hours with
Dr. Cowan

Throughout the course, the cohort group may communicate using the group chat and private chat features of the learning platform. Plus, course graduates can attend ongoing office hours with Dr. Cowan to ask questions about New Biology principles and their practical application.

Starts September 9, 2024

Healing With the New Biology

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Course features
  • Author: Dr. Tom Cowan
  • Digital Booklet
  • Group Discussion
  • Video
  • Bonus Materials
  • Office Hours with Dr. Cowan
The purpose of this curriculum is to help physicians, scientists, and healthcare practitioners learn the basic principles of what Dr. Cowan calls the "New Biology" and incorporate them into their lives and practices. The old biology is largely incorrect, outdated, and misleading, and there is an urgent need to replace these outdated principles with a new understanding that reflects the actual way that biological organisms are organized and function. Understanding the principles of the New Biology will lead to a better understanding of how living systems are organized, why and how they fall ill and how to restore them to health. No formal medical education or certifications are required to take this course.
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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Ongoing Access to Course Materials
  • Free listing in the New Biology Practitioner Database
  • Free Membership In Our Private Alumni Community
  • Ongoing Office Hours with Dr. Cowan After Course Completion

Course Lessons


A group of leading doctors and scientists who reject mainstream medicine and wish to share
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